Memories of Lost Summers

The idea for the project came when I heard a story about a Native American tribe that counted their age, not in years but in summers . I know it kind of amounts to the same thing, but it was the fact that they counted only a season of our conventional view of a year, towards your age, that struck me. For example, 50 years sounds like a long time - but just 50 summers…? It pricked my curiosity that’s for sure. I could recall a few summers, here and there: from my childhood; some from my teens and so on. However, I realised that I couldn't really remember many of them. So, if I just counted my “remembered” summers, that made me about twenty summers old. This notion then developed into this series of photographs. As well as a memoir of recording these wonderful scenes (all shot in Norfolk), the series itself would protect this particular summer (2013) in a physical, pictorial form. The subject matter seemed apt to me as there is an obvious seasonal connection with age and a more notional one of memory too. Indeed, one of the trees in the series is close to one thousand summers old. Imagine if you could remember all of those! (Each print from the series is limited to 35 prints. Printed with Epson pigment K3VM inks on A2 Epson 100% cotton fibre paper and mounted on Daler Rowney Conservation mountboard using archival acid free tape. The board is cut to 70 x 50 cm (27 x 19.7") and the long edge of the image is approx 52 cm (20.5"). Please use "Contact" section for payment details.)

"Gone Fishing....for Stcklebacks"  
"Roll in the Grass"     
"Felbrigg VI"    
"Memories of Lost Summers"    
"Circle of Life"     
"1000 Summers"   
"September 21"  
"Resolute II"    
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