The Line

“‘The Line" and its sister series "Chaos and Ink’ are my attempt to create an alternative reading of our surroundings. This work is also a means by which I can impart my curiosity in the effect that natural lines and man-made boundaries have on our feelings and interpretations of our favourite spaces. The “linear content” of my work has stemmed from a decades old fascination in the theory of non-linear dynamics (better known as Chaos Theory) Its grip on my efforts at decoding the features and visual cues of my environment have influenced practically all of my personal fine art landscape work. My ongoing current series of limited editions “The Line, Chaos & Ink” is my third series inspired by Chaos Theory – the first of which I began in 1989.” The limited edition prints (edition of 50 each) are approx 52 cm x 17.5 cm and printed on Epson Hot Press Bright 100% cotton rag using archival inks. The prints are numbered and stamped on reverse. They are signed on front in pencil by the artist on the white border and include edition number and title. Price per print £100 (inc. VAT). Additionally there are smaller 30 x 10 cm signed unlimited editions available using the same medium at £30 inc. VAT . Please use the contact section for any questions, requests and orders.

"The Line # 1"
" The Line # 2"
"The Line # 3"
"The Line # 4"
"The Line # 20"
"The Line # 6"
"The Line # 12"
"The Line # 7"
"The Line # 14"
"The Line # 21"
"The Line # 10"
"The Line # 15"
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